Denice Frohman, Power House!


Denice Frohman, Power House!

Denice is a powerful woman who has a lot of views and opinions of the world in which we live. Her words are inspiring to me, even although I am not Hispanic, Gay or have been to any of the communities she writes about.

I love her passion, her strength and understanding of the English language, all of which I can only hope to possess one day. The rhythm in her work is mesmerizing & hypnotic and leave her words imprinted on my brain. ‘Dear Straight People’ inspired me to write Empty Words Of God. With her melody running round my body, I couldn’t help but have that as the underlying driving force in the rhythm of my poem.

Thanks Denice for combining my love of drumming, rhythm, people, places, words and feelings into a form of expression I understand and get immense pleasure & inspiration from!

Mad Eye


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