Death to Christmas!

You’re not fooling me into buying love with gifts.

I would rather give up my time, but you wouldn’t appreciate it.

It’s not Gucci or Vans, no label behind my name

You don’t want what’s not consumed by all, unique and not famed.

No wrapping paper can cover this body, no bow to top it off.

I’m not a scent made by Britney, Hugo Boss or Beyonce

My odour you do not want to wear as remembrance to my life.

 If I give a photo of my being, you’ll put it with last year’s collection

Never flicking through the pile and reminiscing

My life has no meaning this time of year,

Only the gifts bought from China or made by the hand of a child

Will make you see I love you and remind you that I’m here.

Mad Eye  Dec28th 2013


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