#Empty Words of God

Empty Words of God

You got do gooders soul righters to take you by the hand on the path of enlightenment,

Their enlightenment might be down there, but others stray from that path and take their own hands and walk proud focused uplifted by their decision.

Their decision to be free in humanity, a manatee has every right to live within humanity and be free, why isn’t everybody?

You, my friend, think that you are unencumbered from the burdens I lay upon your shoulders, for you found God and laid your burdens down.

You will sleep well, better than me no doubt, but for when I rise I will be refreshed ready eager to start a new day, finding new ways to help restore respect love & peace in the hearts of passersby.

You will awaken refreshed ready eager to wallow in the tranquility bestowed upon you by those who took the unenlightened path and lit yours for you.

By not participating wholly in humanities best interests focusing your attention on one self, has left a hole in your holy self.

By hearing only the words of God and not the words people, has deafened you and will soon leave you blind.

Kirsty ‘Mad Eye’ McIntosh