Road Rage Is Unacceptable!

Today I had the pleasure of embarrassing a lady with severe self importance issues. I was on my way to visit a friend who lives further in the country, it was raining, my windows started to steam up slightly, I had just come off a bend and was approaching a junction. The sign said 80 and given my situation I slowed to 60  for about 30 seconds, before stopping at the turning. During this 30 (long) seconds, I was being harassed by an aggressive driver, who clearly was way more important than me.

She continued to go 80 and wasn’t far off my bumper & when she was close enough decided to throw her hands up in disgust at my inconsiderate driving.

As we approached the village, speed limit 50 normally but given that it was school time, 40. I slowed, she didn’t. I ignored she gave me the bird!

As I indicated to pull off she pulled in & parked, so I parked got out and confronted her. “Did you have a problem with my driving” I asked, “Yes, you were going 60 in an 80” she said. “It’s not illegal to go slower than the limit and you have no idea what was going on in my car” I said. She walked off into the cafe, so I followed. When I asked her why she was angry at me going slightly slower because I was approaching a turning, I couldn’t see clearly for a second so adjusted my driving. She replied “Well you should have pulled over and got out my way.” I had to tell her to look at me, because she clearly didn’t want to and by not noticing me can remove responsibility & guilt for her actions. To this I reminded her that she is not the only person on the road, I am a human being and if I have a slight problem should she not be a little more considerate. “You are inconsiderate driving slower and you should not make your problems my problems” was her response.

I believe she knows she was in the wrong but she was angry that I had the audacity to confront her, in a public place.

I did not feel good about this, given that I do not like to upset others, cause a seen or make myself look foolish, but I believe we need to start helping people understand what effect their behavior has on others.

I hope my actions have embarrassed her enough to think more behind the wheel.