About Madeye

I am a mother, wife, drummer, knitter, short story & poetry writer,  I like to fiddle with my guitar & sing some ditties in my local cafes.

I like every genre of music, maybe can’t listen to everything, but appreciate the energy & skill gone into the creation. I prefer to play ‘tribal’ style, psychedelic, bhangra, experimental and some down right dirty funk on my Ludwig kit.

I was taught by a very talented man Ian Naisbitt ‘Norman Nosebait’ from Stockton in England. His distinct sound can be heard on the Chris Rea albums  Tennis & Deltics. He’s played with many bands from Rivers Invitation, Werewolves of Stockton, The Losers, The Milestones, was a truck driver for Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, David Bowie & more, so I’m privileged to have his knowledge & talent in my life. He’s amazing and my best bud.

I knit/crochet things like jumpers, jackets,  scarves, necklaces, belts, bumbags, curtains.. well anything really.

I’m the wife of a Professor of Philosophy Of Physics so there’s never a dull moment! And my kids are nearly fully independent so pretty soon I’ll be able to buy a truck, fill it with drums, go to festivals & perform then head off into the desert to write!


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