Alberta Floods

Rivers Run Through It

Last night I wept for my land

Not the land of my birth, but the land of my heart.

What ferociousness those rivers showed in shaping the place in which they flow.

Elbow and Bow you proved your strength, moving mountains as if they were sand.

The devastation on the trees, animals and human inhabitants is something I will never forget or forgive.

The places I walked and gaped at in awe are lost, and the pain like the water, runs deep.

I am not Kree but I see what they see, I feel what they feel.

And the connection to that land is as strong in me like it is for my children.

I love you in a way I cannot express.

No one man can be accountable, for we are all, including me, responsible.

You Alberta, were my saving province.

When the whole world went to pot, you were supposed to be my safe place.

I have not lost faith in your strength to overcome and stabilizeImage your environment.

But you Alberta, should not have had to fight the beings that live within your beauty.

You Alberta, should not have had to remind the citizens, most respectful of your amazing natural magnificence, how to love and protect you.

I’m sorry that it came to this.

I hope the lessons have been learned

And peace will rein,

So I can live and bask in your splendor once again.

Kirsty ‘Mad Eye Macca             June 2013


2 thoughts on “Alberta Floods

  1. ok, I still haven’t gotten to reading what happened in Alberta sadly, but from your depictions it sounds like an Evan Almighty incident of improper building, terrorizing nature and so on. Greed and dollars is what some think of nowadays. Great poem, great reference to the previous Tribes and Peoples who inhabited these great lands and didn’t trash them. Now, its a race to see how much trash and plastic one can accumulate upon this earth. Great post. Peace

  2. I know how you feel Kirsty. Below the hill from William Reid school was under water. I heard some volunteers got skin infection from dirty water. I didn’t want to come down to see it because that would upset me too much.

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