Ode To Ginsberg

Ode To Ginsberg

I sit and write because I think I am,


Intelligent  profound.

Craziness has an importance, and I’m not

Even that!

Normal ish,

leaning too much towards the normal side,

for me to make a difference,

Leave a print.

I need to not care and then create.

Be whatever persona they choose for me.

They like that kind of thing, the norms.

One of which, I am not.

Nor am I bohemian, cool, or part of the bourgeoisie.

I’m not clever enough to find the right words for this,

so I make them up and check later,

Knowing I will not check later but leave it,


It’s how I feel at the time, it’s my art,

It’s the way it is, just so.

So where, is this



I hear me cry,

I’m a liar

And nothing more.

Kirsty ‘Mad Eye’ McIntosh


One thought on “Ode To Ginsberg

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